It's sad doing stupid. Yes. I've had very stupid moments in my life and it's just plain sad. Stupid is kind of like seeing a sign on a door that says 'Push' and instead, you stand there pulling for the next ten days. We can be nice and should be, but in the end: it's still stupid.  

The Bible talks about stupid.  1 Corinthians 3:19 says that this world's wisdom is foolishness and stupidity to God.  Jesus said in Matthew 7:26 that the person who hears His Words but does not do them is like a stupid man who builds his house on the sand.  Apparently stupid isn't popular with either Father or Son.   

Let's imagine transporting a smart person from the year 1700 AD to this present day.  What would it be like setting our candidate loose in society now?  Look at the guy!  He's pulling when he should be pushing, he's slapping when he should be swiping, and with all his intelligence, your four year old beats him at every video game they play.  Our renaissance man is stupid to the things of today. 

The Kingdom of God is infinitely advanced to this world's modern day, and heaven's technology is equally past our swiping and mouse clicking.  The principle of being obedient to the sign 'Push' is the same though.  Everything in God's Kingdom relies on belief, authority, and voice commands.  In other words, doors open when your true identity taps authority and speaks a command.  When Jesus said in John 10:9 "I am the Door", it was the same as saying, "The Word is the Door!"

You've been looking for a door to push and God's waiting for you to speak the door.  You've already got the Way; now say it.  Don't wait for a way to pray about.  Speak the way.  Order the circumstance, and command the doors to open.  Let me encourage you: don't be stupid.  It's no fun.  Quit pulling your faith words back and push a command from heaven out of your mouth.  

Command this into your day:

Father this is the day you've made and I command it to line up with Your will.  Let there be light, blessing and favor raining down on me from an open heaven.  God, You bless me to be a blessing.  I hear the Words of Jesus and believe.  I speak them and walk through the open door, to the Glory of God!  


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