Stephen Marshall is a pastor, teacher, innovator, songwriter & prolific author who has a way of unfolding God’s Truth that is easy to understand. As founder of Living Room Church and lead pastor, the global vision is starting to unfold of 1000 multi-sight places of fellowship where people are set in the family feeling covered, valued, and encouraged.

With online streaming, television, leadership school, master classes, and music from LIFETIME worship Stephen and his wife Pam Marshall want to help you LIVE LIFE STRONG

I  want to cover, value, and encourage others in the power of their true identity in Christ to receive the love of God–grow in the love of God and give the love of God walking in joy to LIVE LIFE STRONG.
~Stephen Marshall


Stephen is a lover of God’s Word whose primary mission is to share Biblical truth to encourage, inspire, and transform. He received his Doctorate of Theology from Logos University. From teenage years of international music ministry and an award-winning songwriting career to serving as an associate and lead pastoral positions in the U.S. and Canada. Stephen has brought his focused passion to lead others into a full realization of their true identity in Christ. Pastor Stephen’s heart is also evident in his work as a novelist, producer, and ministry coach who has consistently directed others toward God’s winning path.



Chances are you have already heard Pam’s beautiful voice in one of her five #1 hit Christian radio singles or multiple other national and international top ten recordings. Her award-winning songs continue to echo in churches and auditoriums around the world today.

You may have also been blessed by one of the faith-inspired and life-transforming Life Talks podcasts she has done along with her husband Stephen. Pam’s radiant smile can be seen on your TV screen on an episode of her Girl Talks show or in person at a Born 2 Win women’s conference. Having a true pastor’s heart,

My goal for life and ministry is to magnify God’s Name and lead others into His presence where there is 100% JOY!
~Pam Marshall


Building on that strong foundation Stephen & Pam now have a mandate to empower generations of individuals and leaders in the marketplace and in ministry with Life Tools to Live life strong in the power of their True Identity.




Stephen and his wife Pam have a mandate to deepen and strengthen the roots of identity in Christ. It all starts with encouraging, helping, and advancing each person.

When one person gets strong, their home is encouraged, their community around them is lifted, and God's Kingdom principles are exalted. Proverbs 10 says the city is filled with Joy!

Stephen and Pam's vision is to build LIVING ROOM communities in 1000 places across the world with the goal of people from all walks of life coming together to LIVE LIFE STRONG. 

Many people, young and old, have been discipled and had their life empowered by Stephen as he has served in positions of associate, executive, and lead pastor.

He is also the president of a worldwide mission organization, and in 2021 he will receive his Doctorate of Theology.

Everyone finds themself alone at some point with who they really are, and Stephen and Pam have a passion for bringing strength and clarity to that moment of truth.

Stephen wants to reach people who take God's call on their lives seriously and help them magnify the powerful, loving, wonderful, and amazing plans God the Father has for them.

What and who you listen to determines what you believe…what you believe masters your choices, and your choices are the painting of your life.
~Stephen Marshall

Stephen and Pam are passionate about helping and encouraging you with God's message that provides answers that pull out the thorns of wrong thinking and transform belief systems into that genuine trust in God that always leads to a STRONG life filled with honor and joy.


To empower a world of people with their True identity through the gospel of God’s Kingdom and biblical wisdom that helps people LIVE LIFE STRONG.


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