Persistence Of Resistance


There she was again.  A precious little dove appeared through the window at the top of our front door with more straw and twigs.  She was building a nest on top of a spring wreath we have decorating our entrance.  I’m sure her mate was helping some, but my observation said she was doing all the heavy lifting.  I admired her because she was persistent.  Pam and I kept gently shooing her away but what persistence.  She was determined! 

Can you imagine trying to build a home and these towering beings keep coming and scaring you off?  You’ve got a dream of possessing the promise land and here comes another Godzilla-like home wrecker.  “Hey that’s my straw!”  I don’t know if I’d have a quarter of the persistence that little dove mother has in the face of such adversity.  Seriously - I was quite impressed. 

Here’s the big picture though: she’s getting ready to have babies and needs a safe place.  Even though I admire her persistence, I also know her judgement, and choices are 100% wrong.  She may think she wants that spot, but the truth is, it’s very dangerous for her and the little ones to come.  The foundation may look solid but it will swing wildly at times.  There will be large, terrifying monster-like giants with Fed-Ex and UPS dropping scary boxes so close.  Often times at night when she wants to sleep under the cover of dark these artificial “fire-balls” (aka porch lights) will be glowing over her head disturbing her and her chicks. 

You see, I know that she doesn’t want what she thinks she wants.  I’m trying to help redirect her persistence.  Persistence is a good thing until it becomes directed toward a bad thing.  When you persistently pursue a direction, a choice, a thought, that God knows is wrong for you, you unknowingly find yourself fighting God.  Wrong beliefs are like that.  No matter how sincere, they are devoid of God’s approval.  We want little Mrs. Dove to prosper and be well, along with her babies, but I can’t approve of a choice that I know will ultimately be their demise. 

Momma bird brings to mind another who was persistently resisting God’s best.  We learn in the Bible that Saul was a religious man and an enemy of Jesus. He was persecuting God’s people, sincerely thinking he was doing God a service.  Saul was on his way to Damascus to imprison more Christians when a bright light flashed, and he fell to the ground.  Then the voice of Jesus said to him, “Saul, it is hard for you to kick repeatedly against the goads” (Acts 26:14).  

Ox-goads were something designed for stubborn oxen that would kick and persist in disobedience.  The master would put these sticks with a pointed piece of iron on the end around the stall and even if needed, carry it while out working.  When the ox would decide to kick stubbornly at the master’s direction, or at the wall of his safe stall, he would quickly get a barb stuck in his leg.  The harder he kicked, the deeper the wound.    

Saul’s stubbornness was against Jesus, and even though it hurt other people, in that moment, Jesus expresses concern for Saul.  Jesus says, “It is hard for you.”  Persistence of Truth, and all things honorable, is good.  Persistence of resistance is just as Jesus said, “It is hard for you.”  Some people have bought into the lie that stubbornness is good or virtuous.  No!  It’s evil.  Persistence is good when your heart is humble, submitted to the Truth, and willing to listen.

Guard your sincerity.  Many have been sincere but not according to God’s Wisdom.  Unfortunately, they indulge in destruction.  Don’t build your house on the sand, or in the case of Mrs. Dove, on a door that swings all day.  The point at which you’re not willing to listen, is the place at which you invite goad-theology.  As God’s child that’s not for you.  Don’t act like an ox - stubborn.  Don’t persist like Mrs. Dove - in ignorance.  Persistence is good.  Keep it aligned with God’s Word and Spirit.  It’s easy to measure yourself in this area: are you walking in love, joy, and peace at home?  Ask your family.  Persistence is good when you come inside the door of life, but not when you choose to remain outside of the truth.  To pursuit with sincerity at ignorance is to lose your nest and it’s contents.  God’s not willing that any should perish, or lose their nest. 

Pray The Word:

Father according to Your word in Galatians 6:9, I will not be weary in doing good, but in due season, I will reap if I don’t give up.  I choose to never give up on your goodness and your command to walk in love.  I repent of any stubbornness or refusal to hear Truth.  I’m called to follow Your voice.  I’m not lead by sense and reasoning but by Your precious Holy Spirit according to Romans 8:14.  Guide my persistence Father.  I pray without ceasing  (according to 1 Thessalonians 5:17) and that means I hear Your voice without ceasing.  Thank you Father!  All in Jesus Name ... Amen.           


P.S.  Never forget that you are loved and we are praying for you.  Don’t be weary and don’t give up.  God sees you and wants to help you.  God bless you dear friend. 


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