Scary Movie OR Blessed & Groovy

 Each year, dedicated fans of horror shows spend upwards of a billion dollars to open up their minds, hearts, and living rooms to zombies, serial killers, demons, and blood-soaked gore.  The question is: Why?  What is it that draws people, even skittish, anxiety-ridden regular folks, into this form of “entertainment”?

For some, the physical reaction to fright causes a dopamine release, leading to a neurochemical “calm after the storm."  This leads to an increased sense of wellbeing and quiet, even a sense of pleasure.  It feels good to go into a scary situation and come out safe.  Some feel a need to induce a sense of fear to create closeness and connection with others. Repeatedly 'shocking’ yourself this way can have a desensitization effect on your brain, emotions, and body.  The calm is only temporary. The problem is that it doesn’t deal with the root of your fear.  It further authorizes the deadly lie you’ve taken in to continue to feed the monster of fear tormenting you.

Pam and I know the road manager for a very famous female country singer.  She does a concert and then watches horror movies on her tour bus all night.  As you can imagine, it takes a toll on her personally. Her manager told us that this iconic artist can’t even sleep without all the lights on.  The manager suggested she quit the horror flicks, but unfortunately, she craves that temporary dopamine ‘hit’ she gets when the monster is conquered by the end of the show.  Crazy? I don’t think so. Ignorance will always draw what’s harmful into your soul in place of what’s authentic.  In other words, she chooses the scary movie over being blessed and groovy.

Pain and rejection trigger a desperation for relief, so you instinctively react.  Like this singer, who chooses scary movies to support her subconscious desire for the calm that follows her controlled fear spike.  The problem with this is that life responds to a limited set of targets.  As we’ve heard, she lives with great fear in her life, yes, even of the darkness.  She’s successful as a pop country singer, but daily she lives as a failure in life, afraid of even her own shadow.  Her focus sabotages her peace.  Doing one thing good doesn’t compensate for doing one thing bad. 

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but rather be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.”  When you conform to something, you take its shape.  Many people take the shape of their pain and dysphoria to survive.  An abused wife learns to redefine abuse as possessive love. A rejected child learns to shield his heart with anger and rage.  In each case, their true identities have been twisted by lies. 

The true power of life comes from believing in God’s Truth and then continually being transformed by meditating on it.  That’s the beauty of focusing on God’s Word—it has transforming power, proving what is good and perfect for you. 

Don’t settle for substitutes or a temporary fix.  Don’t conform when you can transform and experience the power of God.  Philippians 4:7 says to think of whatever is true, honorable, good, pure, and beautiful.  If Philippians 4 walked in on a scary movie, it would say, This is absolutely how NOT to live blessed or happy! 

Why go through life with a ‘living-dead’ focus?  God’s Word has the power to make the dead live again, not looking like zombies either.  Jesus is the resurrection and the life.  He makes all things new.  He casts out demons with His word.  He calms storms, raises the dead, and has dispossessed the devil of the keys of hell and the grave.  Yes, the Truth entirely spoils the plot and premise of every horror flick.  And why should you care?  Because Jesus doesn’t do zombies!  Jesus defeated death!  Now the choice is yours.  Scary movie, or blessed and groovy?  Happy and blessed are they who trust in the Lord with all their heart.  There’s no room here for scary!

Pray the Word:  

Praise God!  1 Corinthians 15:54 announces that death is swallowed up in victory and forever lost its sting.  Jesus You have forever conquered the greatest fear and tormentor of humanity - death! You were born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, You died on the cross for our sins, descended into the grave taking the keys of death and the grave (Revelation 1:18), You rose victorious on the third day and now reign as King of kings at the right hand of Father God.  I choose to meditate on Your Truth so that I can tap Your transforming power in my life. I only have room for a limited focus, a limited set of targets, so I meditate on what is true, honorable, right, pure, beautiful, and admirable (Philippians 4:8) that I might have the abundant life You promised (John 10:10).  All Glory be to You Lord Jesus! AMEN.  

If you just prayed to give your life to Jesus, reach out and let us know.  We want to celebrate with you and introduce you believers of like faith.  

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