Early every morning, no matter what the agenda is for the day, my beautiful wife brings me a little cup with all of my vitamins.  She seems to have an intense interest in my health and well-being.  Now you may think that's just too much love.  I agree, but I'm thankful and grateful to God for every inch of this abundance.  

Here's the interesting thing about that perfectly sorted little collection of vitamins: I sometimes forget to take them.  When I do, I can expect a gentle rebuke from Pam.  Not for any other reason but that she so loves me and wants me to stay healthy.  The truth is, I really can feel it when I forget my vitamins.

God so loves you that He has a daily supply of blessings and benefits for you (Psalm 68:19).  Yes daily!  This may seem basic, but please consider that God can NOT take those benefits for you.  You have to open up your mouth and receive those blessings.  Pam can't take my vitamins for me any more than God can receive His gifts for you. You've got to take His blessings. How? Everything God does starts with His Word.  Every blessing, healing, benefit, and favor starts with His Word. That's why faith is the only connector to receive all God's lavish love.  

Pray the Word with Me:

Father God I see that you daily load me with benefits.  I'm not going to forget to receive them, but I'm going to develop my habit of taking everything You have for me.  You take pleasure in my prosperity (Psalm 35:27).  I choose to glorify You Lord by receiving what You put out for me.    


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