Two older gentlemen were meeting on their usual park bench for their afternoon chat.  Both believers in Jesus, they had much in common.  Jim was the second to arrive and greeted Walter, already comfortably seated.  "How are you doing today Walt?"  

Walter predictably responded with, "I'm blessed Jim."  

A squint came into the old friend's eye as he sat down, and a mischievous notion came to him.  "How do you know?"

Walter was caught off guard.  "What?"  Not sure he heard his old pal.  "What did you say?"  As he turned deliberately toward him. 

"I asked, How do you know you're blessed?"

Walt furrowed his brow at his friend and could see the grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.  Okay I can play this game, he thought.  Clearing his throat to make it a little more official he answered, "Simple, I know I'm blessed cause the Bible says I am."  Then he nodded with a smile as if the matter was settled. Check mate, he assumed.  

"So what?"  Jim countered.  "The Bible also says that God so loved the world that He gave His Son to save the lost, but guess what?  There's still a lot of lost people out there not saved.  You say you're blessed.  Prove it!"  

The smile on Walter's weathered face turned to a frown as he narrowed his eyes looking at Jim grinning away.  His good friend was provoking him.  He leaned in on his cane a little harder and lowered his head thoughtfully.  His left hip had a dull ache that didn't really bother him much anymore.  Instead it reminded him of the day he caught a bullet in the line of duty and God saved his life.  That was over thirty years ago.  

Suddenly Walt smiled looking out on the children playing in the park.  He didn't turn his head but left his gaze on the something he could see invisible to the natural eye.  

"I know I'm blessed because I'm forgiven.  I know I'm forgiven because I have the power to forgive.  I'm blessed because I live without fear of death, and I enjoy life's every breath.  When I pray, God hears.  When I ask, I receive.  For years and years God has supplied my every need and far above, He has given me the desires of my heart." 

With a satisfied finish Walter turned to Jim, "And when I show up in this here park, so does my good friend. Yes sir, I am blessed."  Now it was his turn to grin. 

Jim shook his head at the kind, heartfelt ambush. Caught off guard he could only pat Walt on the shoulder and whisper, "Amen brother.  We're both very blessed."   

Pray Your Faith Now: 

Father I humble myself under Your mighty hand and You lift me (1 Peter 5:6).  Like Jabez prayed, I ask God that you bless me, enlarge my border and let Your hand be with me.  Keep me, my family and my church from all evil.  I receive Your command to be blessed (Deuteronomy 28:8).  Let me a living example of the proof of your great Name for all the world to see. Amen!  


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